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Opening and Closing

We prime pumps and get them running. We inspect your filteration system and make sure it is pressurizing and filters properly. We will check the flow rate of the water. We will check your skimmer baskets, all of the valves on your pump and filter. We will evaluate the pump capacity. We will test your water and apply the necessary chemicals in the proper amounts. We will come back out a few days later to check and see if your water is clear. We’ll continue to make necessary interventions with our trusted products until your satisfied with the appearance of your water. We guarantee satisfaction

Chemicals are sold seperately

Detailed Vacuuming is recommended for an additional charge and is dependent on Water Clarity.


We use our process with the correct equipment to ensure your pool safety through winter weather.  It’s very dangerous for the system if the closing isn’t  done right. If anything is missed, something could freeze over and cause major damage. We have seen pipes break, filters torn in half, pumps ineffective, valves ineffective all because water was not blown out properly and the system was not closed correctly. We treat the water with our trusted chemicals for winterization and cover the pool correctly.

Chemicals, Replacement Plugs, and Gizmos, are sold seperately

Opening and Closing: Image
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