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Weekly Maintenance

Aloha Weekly

With Aloha Weekly Maintenance you get chemical readings, chemicals added, pictures of the pool before and after we clean it and fill out all of the details of the visit. When we close out the ticket, an email will immediately be sent to you showing you everything that was done to your pool that day!

Our Weekly Full Services includes the following:

Detailed vacuuming of pool as needed

Skim the surface to remove debris

Brush the walls, steps, benches and tile line

Empty the skimmer baskets

Empty the pump basket

Backwash Filters as needed

Clean Salt cells as needed (additional charge)

Empty the bag on the pool cleaner

 Balance water chemistry including Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity, Cyanic Acid, Salt Level

Inspect equipment and Notify you of repairs needed

Chemicals Sold Separately

Weekly Care: Services
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